*** Notice To All Customers ***

Please read this policy in detail, since a violation will result in termination of service by Peptides.Market.


Peptides.Market practices a Zero Tolerance policy regarding the research peptides sold on this website. All of our research peptides are for “in vitro” research only. Please refer to our “Terms and Conditions of Product Use” for more information on how to use our peptides.  When finalizing your purchase during the check-out process you will be required to accept this Zero Tolerance Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Product use, in order to complete your purchase. Please follow these policies when using our products, as they are enforced by our company and failure to follow them, will result in termination of service as well as refusal of future service from Peptides.Market.

By placing an order of research-grade peptides, and receiving said product as it is shipped to me, I accept all of the following policies and rules.


  1. All Peptides sold by Peptides.Market are for “in vitro” research use only.
  2. Human ingestion or any form of bodily introduction of research peptides sold by Peptides.Market constitutes inappropriate use of our products.  All of our research peptides are strictly limited to being used for “in vitro” research and laboratory testing purposes.
  3. All customers of Peptides.Market agrees and acknowledges that they understand that the research peptides sold, can be dangerous when used in an inappropriate manner.
  4. All customers agree the use of our research peptides is strictly limited to “in vitro” research only, and acknowledge that our research peptides are not intended for recreational, medical, food additives, animal, or any other type of use that does not directly relate to the due course of legitimate scientific research.
  5. All customer agrees to and acknowledges that Peptides.Market its owners, officers, directors, managers, and employees, can not in any way be held liable for any damages or harm caused by the misuse or inappropriate use of our products.
  6. All customers agree to, understands,  and acknowledge that at no time shall an employee of this company or any agents thereof be expected to give implicit or explicit information on any research chemical sold by Peptides.Market, and how/or how it may relate to use in humans.  At no time will a response be granted to any type of communication that expresses interest in gathering information on human ingestion of the products sold by Peptides.Market, with the exception of a “refusal of service” letter (see below).
  7. All customers of Peptides.Market acknowledges that they understand that Pepties.Market and/or its parent company are solely independent suppliers of agricultural / laboratory research chemicals and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will technical information be provided on research products sold by Peptides.Market. Furthermore, all customers of Peptides.Market are assumed to be qualified researched.
  8. All customers of Peptides.Market further acknowledges their understanding that deviating from any of the above guidelines constitutes a valid cause for the denial of future transactions and services from Peptides.Market.  Peptides.Market strongly discourages its customers from deviating from these guidelines due to our strict adherence to this Zero Tolerance Policy.
  9. REFUSAL OF SERVICE NOTIFICATION.  All customers of Peptides.Market agrees to and acknowledges their understanding that should communication be received by Peptides.Market, alerting us to the inappropriate use of the products for sale by Peptides.Market,  will result in a Refusal of Future Service, independent of the source of such communications.
  10. All customers of Peptides.Market acknowledges their understanding that non of the chemicals sold by Peptides.Market are intended to be drugs, medications, or pharmaceutical preparations as defined by the United States Code.
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